Temperature and humidity climate station from Ecosoph and iob.watch

Ecosoph manufactures various compact and energy-autarkic climate stations, which can wirelessly transmit the collected sensor values at adjustable transmission intervals using the latest standards such as LoRaWAN or NB-IoT. Just ask us about an offer (form below, you can also click here). We would be happy to develop a customer-specific solution for you at conditions that are more favorable than you think. Just take a look at our expertise.

Product name: Airspy

Brief product description of the temperature and humidity climate station.

Environmental monitoring Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Altitude, Luminosity Plug and play installation Battery and solar powered Detailed and Realtime Analysis via Web Browser & Android/iOS-App Germany designed and built. Wireless long-range transmission over GSM/NB-IoT/LoRa or Bluetooth Low Energy. Ecosoph’s AirSpy is a cost-effective and small environmental monitor that can track the surrounding temperature, humidity, pressure, altitude and depending on the customer’s wish also the luminosity.

Due to the efficient design of the hardware, the sensor node can last without recharging for more than a year. With exposure to sunlight, no recharging at all is reuqired. Depending on the customer’s wishes, the sensor can be configured to send each 15min, 30min or 60min. For the transmission technology, either GSM (=Global System of Mobile Communication) or NB-IoT (=Narrow Band IoT) via a SIM-Card and the net of a mobile provider such as Telekom or Vodafone can be used or LoRaWAN. LoRaWAN operates in the unlicenced ISM (=Industrial Scientific Medical) band at 868MHz and requires no SIM-Card.

Hardware Specifications and operating conditions:

  • Operating temperature range: -25 to 80 °C
  • Operating humidity range: 0 to 100%RH
  • Power supply: Internal 2600 mAh rechargable battery
  • Power consumption: 5mAh per day.
  • Runtime: Around 1.5years without recharging and unlimited with exposure to sunlight.
  • Transmission: Either 868MHz Lora or GSM/NB-IoT
  • Housing material: Weather-resistant PET Dimensions:
  • Diameter: 12cm, Height: 18cm Weight: 500g
  • Range T Operational -40-85 °C
  • Full accuracy: 0-65 °C
  • Additional configuration: By default, the sensor comes without a luminosity sensor. Luminosity Operating luminosity range Lux 1 65000 Lux Operating temperature T -40 85 °C Resolution Res 4 0.5 Lux

Photos of the climate station

Our products are in constant development, i.e. that it can sometimes happen that images on the webpage are no longer up-to-date. Just ask us and we will be happy to send you our latest data sheets and information.

ecosoph temperatur feuchte cad seite
ecosoph temperatur feuchte cad seitlich
ecosoph temperatur feuchte klimastation seite
ecosoph temperatur feuchte station unten

IoB watch/Ecosoph Temperature and Humidity sensors for global radiation protection

Ecosoph / IoB watch also manufacture temperature and humidity sensors for weather and radiation protection. Like all our products, these have wireless connectivity and are designed to be extremely energy-saving. We only use high-quality sensors from Bosch and Sensirion to measure the environmental parameters. Our probes fit into all common designs for radiation protection from other companies.

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Please also take a look at our other products in the field of environmental sensors. You water quality sensor, our soil moisture sensor or our gate alarm. In addition, we have a people counter in our range for recording visitor flows. We also accept customer-specific development orders and at conditions that are more favorable than you think. Just take a look at our expertise and contact us below.

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