The mission of and Ecosoph and Ecosoph ( are the inventors of the Internet of Biosphere and proactively shape this new era of the Internet of Things. Our focus lies and environment monitoring at remote places, under harsh conditions.

Our focus lies in environment monitoring. We provide sensor solutions for air, water and soil monitoring. Our parameter list covers e.g. temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, CO2, O2, dissolved oxygen content, pH-Value, turbidity, conductivity, heart rate, SpO2 and many other values. Our product portfolio already covers numerous environment sensor products such as:

We do not only want to provide our customers with the sensor hardware. We include everything from hardware over web to smartphone application development. In future, we will also provide machine learning and predictive learning solutions.

Our hardware is custom designed and built using newest integrated circuits (ICs) from known manufacturers such as Bosch, Texas Instruments, ST Micro and others. See our expertise for more information. Our hardware is equipped with radio communication modules of the newest area, so called LPWAN standards such as:

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