What is the Internet of Biosphere?

Ecosoph and iob.watch are the inventors of the Internet of Biosphere. The term was chosen in reference to the Internet of Things (IoT), but is quite distinct from it. IoB is to be used primarily in the following fields of application:

  • Where no energy supply is available via the electricity grid.
  • Where the environmental conditions are harsh due to rain, humidity, storms, ice, heat or cold.
  • Areas with no or poor mobile phone coverage.

How is IoB working?

Ecosoph develops its own sensor hardware, which is designed to be particularly energy efficient. Only the latest components are used by engineers with experience in low-energy sensor technology and hardware design and simulation. The sensors in Ecosoph’s product portfolio, which include e.g. climate stations and water level sensors, feature the latest wireless communication standards, including LoRaWAN, Sigfox and NB-IoT. Simply follow the links below to find out more about the technologies involved. For example, with LoRaWAN it is possible to illuminate areas with unreliable or no wireless connection at all and be completely independent of the network provider. Feel free to have a look at our expertise or contact us with your specific application in the IoB area.

How does a use case for IoB look?

In the IoB field there are numerous fields of application such as climate, animal welfare or water quality monitoring as well as the measurement of relevant soil parameters. In the following, we have compiled a small selection of our sensor products to give you an impression of which products can be assigned to IoB.

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