Learn about us and the fields of our expertise: Internet of Things, Low-power wide area network (LPWAN) radio communication standards, embedded programming, web application development, custom PCB layouting, CAD-design and artificial intelligence with an emphasis on deep learning. Our current products are in the field of environment monitoring (e.g. temperature, humidity, pressure, CO2, air pollution, soil moisture, luminosity, pH-value, conductivity, dissolved oxygen content (DOC), turbidity and others. Many of the sensors not listed before can be implemented as well. As our team is constantly growing, we are gaining more and more skillsets. Don’t hesitate to contact us with your specialized engineering task. We cover everything from conceptualization, prototyping, implementation and final project delivery.

We have experience in programming embedded devices Like RaspberryPi4, NVidia Jetson, ESP32, STM32, Atmel, Texas Instruments.

Our engineers are capable of various programming languages like python, c, c++, javascript, html, php, django and IDEs like STM32CubeIDE, Arduino and others

We are designing our own PCBs for our sensor products and have them manufactured and assembled.

We can design a whole project from scratch due to our expertise in conceptualization, PCB layouting, CAD-design and programming. Contact us for more information

Using CAD software we can design our own prototypes and product housings for either 3D printing in small batch productions or injection molding.

Our engineers have a strong background in electrical and communication engineering including newest LPWAN standards as well as antenna and radio-frequency PCB design.

With expertise in Html, PHP, CSS, Javascript, Python, jQuery, SQL and Django, we can develop limitless web and mobile phone applications.

We have profound expertise in environment monitoring using all kinds of sensors (analog, digital, integrated circuit).

We are constantly adding new content to our webpage about LPWAN standards, embedded programming, ongoing projects, new products and news in the world of IoT and IoB. See some of our featured articles below about the Internet of Things, Narrowband-IoT, Sigfox and LoRaWAN.

History, framework, use cases and trends

The LPWAN standard of the cellular providers like Telekom or Vodafone

A popular LPWAN standard based on proprietary connectivity hosted by the company Sigfox

A popular LPWAN standard with proprietary radio modules invented by Semtech

The new era of the Internet o Things brought to you by Ecosoph and iob.watch

Latest news from Internet of Biosphere

We are regularly adding high quality content around the internet of biosphere, environment monitoring, our cloud service, technology and others. Make sure to check regularly here.

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